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Oracle Insight: How to manage an Oracle license audit

Oracle’s license audit practices have earned them a bad reputation within the industry.

Learn more about Oracle license audits and how to manage them from our Oracle licensing expert Daniel Hesselink

Oracle reputedly use their license audit process as a means to increase their sales revenue – you need to be well prepared and understand what you’re up against if you are selected

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Oracle’s license audit practices have earned them a bad reputation within the industry. If you’re an Oracle customer and Oracle LMS select you for a license audit it is important to know what to expect, how you can prepare and ways to manage the process to your advantage. During this webinar we will cover:

  • The Oracle license audit process
  • What you can do to prepare
  • Dos and don’ts to help protect you from Oracle’s demands

We have been helping Oracle customers manage their software licensing for over 15 years. Drawing on our experiences, we will share insight into how we support our clients though the audit process, enabling them to achieve a desirable and predictable outcome.

There will be time for Q&A so please bring your questions. Or contact us directly if you would prefer to discuss an Oracle license audit in confidence. We look forward to seeing you there.

Watch the webinar on-demand here:

oracle license audit process webinar registration

Could you be at greater risk of an Oracle audit? We consider the main reasons for being selected in our article What can trigger an Oracle license audit?

About the speaker

Daniel Hesselink, Oracle Vertical Lead and License Audit Expert at ITAA

Daniel Hesselink started working in the software licensing industry in 1995. He held positions at vendors, distributors and resellers. His consultative nature led him to train partners and end users in the complexities of software licensing. As an auditor for Oracle License Management Services (LMS) he also trained new LMS and Sales staff throughout the EMEA region.

Since 2007, Daniel has worked exclusively client-side. Throughout the world he assists end users in actively improving their Oracle license compliance and strengthening their negotiation position against Oracle. Possessing both technical and communication skills, he is highly regarded as a leading expert on Oracle licensing and is a frequent guest speaker at Software Asset Management forums worldwide, as well as IT industry events as such as VMWorld and Oracle User Group.

We offer a range of services to provide support during an Oracle license audit, including an Internal Audit which will establish your current license position, Audit Defense which examines the legitimacy of any non-compliance claim and identifies ways to challenge it and Audit Negotiations to reach an optimal, final settlement. Please feel free to contact us for more details or to discuss any other questions or concerns regarding Oracle licensing that you may have.

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