Cost Optimization

Understanding where cost-saving opportunities lie.

We maximize your return on new and existing investments through our program-driven approach. Reduce overspend and make the most out of your wider supplier agreements.

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Opportunity Assessment & Cost Reduction

Organizations have a substantial amount of data that they don’t have time to review, with many businesses finding themselves overpaying by roughly 15%.

Additionally, suppliers can become complacent over time, or no longer deliver a service or product that’s fully in line with your organizational requirements.

ITAA provides a fresh perspective, challenging existing contracts and delivering market insights that deliver immediate value. Our technology allows us to quickly review and analyze your data sets and contracts, identifying quick wins that will have an immediate impact on your overall spend.

Unlock new ways to save money, as well as boosting supplier value by:

  • Gaining expert insight that allows you to challenge inefficient contracts
  • Mapping out a strategic procurement plan, so you know the exact steps to take
  • Implementing rapid, easily actionable ideas on transforming supplier costs

Our specialists will work closely with you, learning about your organizational processes, analyzing data and speaking with key stakeholders. Drawing on decades of commercial expertise, we are able to deliver tailored assessments for quick results.

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Data Cleanse

We’ll work with you to quickly review and analyze your data, identifying anomalies and duplications. Our data cleansing services help customers improve the accuracy and completeness of their data.

This is a foundation-building service. By simplifying your data estate, you will find yourself in a significantly stronger position when it comes to contract negotiations, budget assessments and cost reduction activities.


It is substantially easier to make proactive, sustainable decisions when your data is properly managed.

We will review all customer data, identifying errors and inconsistencies, utilizing the latest AI procurement technologies.

Need a data cleanse? Talk to our specialist consultants today.

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Tail Review

Organizations often find themselves with numerous low-value contracts that are time consuming to manage.

Our consultants will rationalise these contracts in line with actual business requirements.

This process allows you to leverage your supplier position, combining and optimizing spend.

We can provide flexible commercial models to suit any need, be that results based, fixed, or time & materials.

Don’t waste your time and money on superfluous contracts. Trust our cost-saving consultants to streamline your contracts today.

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Why Choose ITAA?

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Individual, personable service

By taking the time to truly understand your organization, we provide a fully tailored and unique service focused exclusively on your needs.

We invest in your business, treating it as if it were our own. Our team will become an extension of yours, ensuring your requirements are met at all times.

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Commercial specialists

Our trusted commercial advisors have worked closely with international organizations for decades.

We know exactly what is required to deliver a client-focused, optimized service that delivers impactful cost savings.

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Boost value

We provide advice in order to make a tangible difference in your business.

Our value-driven service revolves around doing the right things in the right way; by drawing on our understanding of your business’ pressures, needs, drivers and targets, we’re able to make the right commercial recommendations for you.

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Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

We are committed to the responsible use and management of IT resources, helping our clients to minimize waste and avoid the over- or under-utilization of their software or hardware assets.

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Utilizing best-in-class technology

We understand the benefits that a unified procurement platform utilising the latest procurement technology can deliver.

Our experience across a broad-range of procurement software and applications allows us to seamlessly align with your organization’s information and processes and quickly identify value-driven opportunities.

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Access to in-house software licensing expertise

Benefit from specialist software licensing support, provided by our in-house subject matter experts. Covering IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Tier 2 publishers.

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Gain value from your investments

When you’re ready to boost the value you’re seeing from your investments, book an appointment with our commercial consultants.

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