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SAP Insight: Licensing and Managing your SAP Software – 5 Webinar Series, Nov 17-Dec 9, 2020

Make educated decisions on licensing and managing your SAP software investment.

Learn the ins and outs of SAP license audit, Digital Access and S/4HANA licensing, architecture and commercial considerations in this educational SAP software 5 webinar series. Our expert team covers the basics of the SAP audit process, plus an overview of Digital Access policies and implications for licensing. You’ll also learn how to prepare for your S/4HANA migration and what technical and commercial factors to consider.

Produced by IBSMA, the webinars draw on the experience of ITAA’s SAP and Commercial experts as they share best practices and real-life examples of overcoming the complexity of SAP licensing that you won’t learn from SAP.

Part 1. Managing Today’s SAP License Audit (November 17, 2020 : 15:30 GMT)

Your next SAP audit won’t be like your last. Many SAP customers need to measure their SAP usage once a year and provide the measurement results to SAP. In-depth audits on the rise, but what sounds so simple comes with various obstacles. The measurement features built into SAP do not produce complete or error-free results. What to do? Join us for this detailed session on following a simplified measurement approach to managing your next SAP audit. We’ll cover understanding your license entitlements, audit triggers, identifying under-licensing and surpluses. Plus, we’ll review tips for optimizing your SAP license utilization. Bring your questions for the Q+A time. Presented by Rhys Deen and Becki Riall.  REGISTER

Part 2. SAP Digital Access (November 19, 2020 : 15:30 GMT)

Digital Access is the new licensing model for linking your SAP systems, via interfaces, to external third parties. This replaces the legacy Indirect Access approach, using Named Users and Orders. SAP’s current marketing initiative includes incentives for customers to move to this model before December 2021. We’ll cover the Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP) program in depth, and you’ll come away with the main points you’ll need to determine whether Digital Access is right for your organization. Our experts will cover strategies for engaging with SAP, along with tools used to measure Digital Access. Bring your questions for the Q+A time. Presented by Alex Meijer and Rhys Deen.  REGISTER

Part 3. Preparing for S/4HANA (December 1, 2020 : 15:30 GMT)

Migrating to S/4HANA is the hot topic on the table in this expert presentation. We’ll start with how S/4HANA and cloud are changing SAP license management, and what licensing changes are on the horizon. Migrating to S/4HANA is an excellent opportunity for you to review and take control of your SAP licensing. But before you create an optimized contract for your organization, you’ll need to understand what’s changed and the impact on Named User, Packages, Database and Indirect Use provisions. Our experts will cover these areas, and more, sharing practical suggestions you can use for planning and optimizing. Bring your questions for the Q+A time. Presented by Becki Riall and Alex Meijer.  REGISTER

Part 4. Commercial Considerations for S/4HANA Migration (December 3, 2020 : 15:30 GMT)

In part 4 of this series we shift from preparing for S/4HANA migration, to guidance on identifying and mitigating risk associated with applications and suppliers integrated into the SAP landscape. Creating the best commercial options begins with understanding what your new licenses may cost, compared to your current estate. This is the starting point for your negotiation strategy. You’ll need to identify and review the short, medium and long-term roadmaps for SAP and non-SAP products to make sure they are compatible with your technical migration plan. Identifying the best time to migrate is everything when it comes to achieving the maximum value. With your plan in hand, you’ll want to optimize contract terms and conditions before forging ahead, to make sure your vendor and application mix is compatible and aligned with business and operations goals. Bring your questions for the Q+A time. Presented by Emily Piscopo and Becki Riall.  REGISTER

Part 5. S/4HANA Architecture and Technical Migration Lessons Learned (December 9, 2020 : 15:30 GMT)

In part 5 of this series, our SAP experts offer technical tips to consider in your migration to S/4HANA. Starting with the best deployment approach to use (public or private cloud, on-prem or hybrid), and whether to include SAP Fiori role-based user interface (replaces SAP GUI) as part of the project, we’ll also cover Fiori deployment under S/4HANA. Finally, we’ll wrap up with important lessons learned and next steps for your project. Bring your questions for the Q+A time. Presented by Hans Naedts.  REGISTER

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