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Microsoft Insight: Cloud optimization – let go of your former way of thinking

Many organizations are still spending too much on their cloud infrastructure through a lack of optimization.

While the added value the cloud offers is clear, the benefits your organization can enjoy strongly depend on how you set up your IT environment.

Transitioning to the cloud requires a different way of thinking. Just because an organization has always worked in a certain way, doesn’t mean they need to continue like this when working in the cloud. In fact, when companies do adopt a lift-and-shift approach – copying their on-premise environment to the cloud – they often allocate too many resources. This has a negative impact on the budget, as organizations are paying for something they don’t really need. Such organizations should consider cloud optimization.

Advantages of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The advantages of a cloud infrastructure are numerous: Highly scalable, flexible, fast access to additional resources, immediate scaling-down when needed; and all with full control. With IaaS, you no longer need to invest in your own hardware, and instead purchase a pay-for-use subscription. This allows your organization to quickly adjust resources such as computing power and storage, which is very convenient in peak periods. In the past, you had to set up your own IT environment for that peak usage, and as a result, a lot of equipment was collecting dust for the rest of the year.

Why you need to optimize your workloads

In the cloud, you only pay for what you use. That sounds like a great way to save costs and be flexible with your infrastructure. However, it does mean letting go of your former “this is the minimum number of resources we will need in the coming years” way of thinking. And there is still progress to be made here.

Some organizations are continuing to look at this new environment with their traditional view. Optimizing your workloads is a prerequisite for working cost-effectively in the cloud. This means checking whether the workloads running in the cloud are efficient and optimized.

Overcome the challenges with cloud optimization tooling

There are so many options, functionalities and configurations, that tooling is essential when it comes to optimizing your infrastructure in the cloud. Even more so because setting up your cloud environment is not a one-off operation. All clouds expand and change with the organization, so it’s important to continuously check that your organization’s needs are still being met, whist ensuring you continue to use the cloud in the most efficient way.

How you can save on cloud costs

CloudKey combines artificial intelligence with cloud tooling to help companies save on cloud costs. CloudKey maps out an organization’s cloud environment as well as its current and historical use. This information, together with ‘what-if’ scenarios, can be used to suggest improvements in the performance of the cloud, often realizing significant savings.

Cloud optimization in practice

Our Microsoft licensing experts helped a European drinks company negotiate a new contract by using insight from CloudKey to reveal its true business need. CloudKey was used to measure actual consumption in Azure and opportunities were identified to scale-back the current services with little operational impact. The savings equated to more than €10,000 per month, the equivalent of €360,000 over the three-year contract term.

CloudKey for your organization

Do you want to set up your cloud environment efficiently and optimally, ensuring that you only pay for what you really need? We would be delighted to show you what CloudKey can do for your organization. Please contact us for more details.

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