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ITAA Insight: IT alliance strengthens the world of software asset management and commercial services

Industry experts join forces to form an IT alliance that provides independent software advisory services and commercial expertise.

Information Technology Asset Alliance (ITAA) combines the knowledge and insight from leading global software advisors and commercial experts to guide clients through the complex world of software licensing and IT procurement.

As an independent consultancy, ITAA helps clients to actively manage their software licensing challenges, prepare for compliance audits and negotiate with software vendors. ITAA also offers commercial expertise to help maximize the value from new and existing agreements, deliver tangible and sustainable benefits such as cost savings and improved vendor performance and to optimize overall IT spend.

The vertical leads James Cochlin (SAP), Daniel Hesselink (Oracle), Floris Klaver (Microsoft), Koen Dingjan (IBM), Emily Piscopo (Commercial) and Robbert Roelofsen (Business Advisory) are industry-recognized professionals with proven global experience who have learned to recognize each other’s expertise by referring these expert services to their existing clients for over a decade.

ITAA’s vertical leads are supported by more than 30 leading subject-matter specialists, whose deep knowledge and continuous research help clients overcome software entitlement, financial and technical challenges.

James Cochlin said: “Having a specialism in one software publisher such as SAP is vitally important however, the world of IT is rapidly changing. Clients are re-thinking how they operate and demand alternative software solutions and ways to access and license these solutions. With clients’ requirements constantly evolving, the need for expertise across multiple disciplines is increasing.”

“Today, clients need more support from service providers such as ITAA to help with managing different software licensing models, and the technical suppliers to implement these changes.”

Daniel Hesselink adds: “We have created an IT alliance – an independent one-stop-shop – for clients utilizing IBMOracleSAP and Microsoft software as well as other providers. By doing so, our clients can stay one step ahead of the intricate rules and complex licensing models these publishers have. At the same time we are working to strengthen the depth and breadth of our services and seek to partner with additional independent industry experts.”

“All of ITAA’s delivery partners are leading independent industry experts with a worldwide client base. By combining their resources, experience and project management skills in complex organizations, ITAA enables clients to take control of strategic software providers and achieve optimal commercial outcomes.”

“What’s more, through this IT alliance, we offer our clients first-class commercial support across their entire IT landscape, whether they are sourcing new software, transitioning to new providers or environments, renewing existing arrangements or looking to drive value out of current relationships. Effectively managing suppliers across the entire procurement lifecycle maximizes cost efficiency and ensures optimum return on investment.” Emily Piscopo added.

ITAA operates worldwide, working with multinationals, government organizations and non-profits.

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